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Big Jump

The package includes a small website with a full set of functions for online sales. Plus, this case presents the services of advertising and promotion in introductory volumes.

A small commercial website, plus starting advertising package

The website itself, we can perform both in the form of a landing page and in the form of a business card website. The set of functions would be enough for product promotion and customer feedback. Plus, we will post an analytics package on the website so that you can see the actual picture in the marketplace. An advertising package consists of a strategy, minimum contributions to all types of targeted advertising and analysis of visits, followed by a conclusion to create a common marketing plan for the company’s representation on the Internet!

Case Specifications

Service name Price Availability
Integrated CMS 300€
Website technical support per month 120€
Site Web Administration per month 120€
Website SEO & Marketing Analysis 500€
Information blocks (e.g. about, reviews, etc.) 500€

All Cases

Comercial web site

Un sitio web informativo o para pequeñas empresas con 1-12 páginas. & 1-3funciones.

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Landing page

Página larga con menú de diapositivas & 1-5 funciones para obtener clientes potenciales.

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News or Blog

Un gran sitio web con muchas categorías, páginas. & etiquetas para informar a las personas.

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Catálogo de empresa

Un gran sitio web con muchas páginas. & categorías para la clasificación de grande base de datos.

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Web Shop

Un sitio web grande o pequeño con páginas, productos, categorías. & ventas.

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Tu proyecto

Haremos un proyecto personal para usted..

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