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Firm Catalog

Contains the most extensive information about the company's products or all companies in the industry. It is characterized by a capacious volume of pages, sections, categories, headings, etc.

Big corporate Website with catalog & many information blocks

In order to keep current, most companies perform major updates to their website every three to five years. Such a project can span a huge range in cost, from as little as $5,000 to up to millions of dollars depending on many factors: the number of pages, offers, functions, the level of user support - all this directly affects the pricing. It all depends on the size of the company and the degree of its presence on the Internet.

Case Specifications

Service name Price Availability
Integrated CMS 300€
Website technical support per month 120€
Site Web Administration per month 120€
Website SEO & Marketing Analysis 500€
Information blocks (e.g. about, reviews, etc.) 500€

Design Complexity
Complexity must also be considered in design cost. If your website is fairly simple and will consist of just a few different types of pages, a designer won’t need to spend lots of time working out on different layouts and multi-layered navigation schemes (they may even be able to use a template). Requirements leading to design complexity include very large and nested taxonomies, multiple areas with unique design requirements (are you serving a number of different target audiences?) and development of custom artwork and/or photography to support the content will drastically increase the cost of your website.

Reskin or Replatform?
Established businesses can choose whether to simply reskin their existing website or start from scratch. A visual design update with some minor content reorganization on an existing website can be done quite economically. But if the current website isn’t meeting the content management or functionality requirements of your team or is on a platform that is no longer supported, you will need to include the additional cost of rebuilding from scratch.
This will increase the development effort of the project and, depending on your selected platform, may add substantial licensing fees.

New or Changed Functionality
Functionality on a website includes features like custom quote generators, calculators, faceted search, filtering and sorting large amounts of data. Anything that isn’t a simple page of content a marketer can enter into a CMS requires development time to plan, implement, and test. Taking the time to consider what functionality you’re looking for and defining it as a high level will aid in getting estimates for development. Prioritizing these features can help you right-size your budget once estimates are collected.

Back Office Integrations
If your website requires integration with back-end systems like customer databases, an ERP or vendor integrations, you’ll need to consider how updating your website will impact these. Such systems are typically managed by your internal IT department, and they are the best resource to help you understand the impact of a redesign along with any new or changed functionality that might impact existing integrations. As part of a project, your IT team will work with the team building of the website to establish clear boundaries between the website and the back-end systems. Having this information up front will simplify the pricing process.

These are all points to consider in pricing your corporate website project, whether you’ll build it internally or use an agency.

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